New opening forms part of Synthia Stoffer’s vision to make people around the world stronger, more self-aware and safe!

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On Friday, September 1 - REFLEX opened its doors to the largest and most professional Self Defense center in the heart of Utrecht. It also is the only Dutch Self Defense Training Center run by a woman. Featuring a diverse program for men and women of all ages* (as of 12 yrs) and fitness levels, REFLEX teaches Krav Maga, StrikeFit Bagclasses, Personal Training, Business Training as well as the newest Womens Self Defense Program JUNO.

REFLEX is the leading Self Defense Center in Utrecht since 2007 and has earlier been located at the Amsterdamsestraatweg. Due to the growing popularity of the Israeli Self Defense system Krav Maga and a growing demand for bag class trainings, it’s now moving to a new and much bigger location in the centre.

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REFLEX Training Utrecht

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact fight) is one of the world’s fastest growing Self Defense Systems due to its efficient and effective no-nonsense approach to common attacks. Originally developed for the Israeli Military, Krav Maga involves striking, grappling, weapons defences and joint manipulations with roots in Japanese Jujutsu, Judo, Wrestling, Karate and Boxing.

REFLEX founder Synthia Stoffer was the first female Krav Maga instructor in the Netherlands  in 2005. After a career as competitive swimmer, Synthia made short excursions into Free Fighting and Boxing until she found what she was really looking for: a sport that would enable people to defend themselves regardless of gender, height or strength. Synthia was trained in Israel, Switzerland and the United States. Today, she is one of very few women worldwide to hold a 3rd degree Black Belt, and she is the highest ranked women in Krav Maga in Europe.

“Not that many women have the determination and strengths to go this far in a Martial Art. Usually at this level its all men. To have any woman involved at this level is impressive…and if that women is then also extraordinary good that’s even more impressive…and that’s Synthia” (John Whitman, Founder of Krav Maga Alliance/ U.S.).

REFLEX makes the investment in a new 260m2 Self Defense center at a time when safety becomes an increasing concern around the world. A recent survey conducted byRunner’s World Magazine found that 43% of all women at least sometimes experienced harassment on their runs, compared to just 4% of men. The survey found that 60% of all runners limit their runs to daylight hours and 21% of women bring pepper spray with them on their runs.
The concerns are confirmed by the United Nations Women, claiming that “violence against women is one of the most pervasive violations of human rights. It’s at epidemic levels with 1 in 3 women experiencing it in their lifetime.” In Europe that’s over 62 million women.

This was the inspiration for Synthia to take action and create a completely new Womens Self Defense Program that launched earlier this year, JUNO. It’s name derives from Roman Godess of Defense – a female guardian angle.

Synthia Stoffer, Creator of REFLEX & JUNO “I want to make women around the world stronger, more self aware and safe. The fact that women are attacked differently than men requires a new approach to common Women Self Defense Training. The female psychology works different, we are raised differently and therefore we need to defend ourselves in different ways. JUNO is a unique combination of mental & physical Self Defense training. More than just physical combat moves, it’s a holistic approach that trains body, mind and emotions”.

The first JUNO trainings started in April in Amsterdam and Utrecht and they were already very successful. The strengths of JUNO is that it is very reality based. At the end of a 6-week course everything that women learn is being practised on a male attacker in full protection gear to experience a real attack. “JUNO gave me the knowledge I didn’t know I was missing to make me feel more confident, Gabby a Californian girl living in Amsterdam says and continuous, “Synthia taught us that the brain doesn’t distinguish between a real attack and a staged attack because the stress that your brain feels in both situations is the same. I can confirm – the stress was real. I hope I never end up in a situation where I have to use my “tools”, but I know now that I’m stronger than I thought I was which is very empowering. I learned skills that I believe every woman should learn.”

Synthia’s idea is to expand JUNO across Europe and potentially worldwide in the future. She is now searching for the right trainers in and outside the Netherlands to join her program. A special teacher program is starting end of this year with trainers having already signed up from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

“The beauty of JUNO is that we are building on a meaningful social purpose. 5% of our profit goes to a special foundation to support Women Self Defense projects around the world. A special training project is also planned in India in the future. Lots to do….and I’m looking forward to it”, says Synthia.


Key Facts & Links:

·       Synthia achieved her 3rd  degree Black Belt in March 2017. She created JUNO in January 2017 and is setting up the biggest Self Defese Center in Central Netherlands in September of same year. 

·       Synthia is Member of the Elite International Krav Maga Alliance Trainerteam sinds 2014 en gecertificeerd door Wingate Institute, Israël.

·       REFLEX Training is the leading Krav Maga Center in Utrecht and has the Fight Right label. The label stands for safe and responsible training where education and accountability in today's society play an important role. 

·       Tuesday and Thursday morning as well as Friday afternoon, Free lance and Personal Trainers get the opportunity to use the REFLEX training space for free!

·       Gabby’s blog about JUNO:


Kaatstraat 20-24
3515 BK Utrecht

Opening hours:

Monday                08:45 – 10:15 | 16:00 – 22:00
Tuesday                16:00 – 22:00
Wednesday          08:45 – 10:15    | 16:00 – 22:00
Thursday              16:00 – 22:00
Friday                   18:00 – 21:00
Saturday               09:30 – 12:15
Sunday                 closed


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